Mohandas Ghandi was the leader of the Indian congress Party who led a style of protest known as pacifism, which is a non-violent resistance. Ghandi believed that both Muslims and Hindus could eventually get along. As he did not believe in violent fighting to get what he wanted, he pushed forward using hunger strikes and civil disobedience instances. In 1948 an all white National Party came to power. This brought in apartheid, which was their main agenda. This brought white supremacy which meant blacks could not marry outside their own race, choose where to live or travel where they pleased. TheAfrican National Congress was created to resist the Apartheidand their leaders were often put in jail. They wanted a non racial democracy. Nelson Mandela became the leader of that party. He was arrested in 1964 and put there for life. He became a symbol of the resistance/revolution. The UN condemned the apartheid system in 1952. 

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