By the 1960's almost all women had access birth control that they could take at their discretion, giving them more time to focus on their careers if they desired. The Catholic church still denied the right to birth control to its female followers, leaving them the only women with out the access to it. The very first African American advancement in the United States was earlier on in 1860's when they were no longer considered just slaves, but were slowly starting to see an integration into the american culture. By 1954, desegregated schools were present as ruled by the supreme court of Canada. During Lyndon B Johnson's presidency, he proposed the civil rights bill. This outlawed different forms of racism as well as ruled out discrimination against ones religion, ethnicity or culture. When Margaret Thatcher was voted the prime minister of the United Kingdom in 1979, things also took a turn for the better for women's rights. As she was the first women to have held a position in office. Margaret put a big push on women's rights in India, influencing their views on women in political powers. Not long after that, India then had their first female President. As more and more women got into politics, it became easier for them to demand equal pay, rights, and opportunities. 

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    April 2013